At Industry 13 LLC, it’s our dedication that differentiates us from other shops. We are continuously striving to make sure racers and riders get the best. 


Sales & Services

Track and Race Prep for on/off road

Sales / Installs 

Rekluse, Graves, Woodcraft, Ohlins, K-Tech, Vortex, SRT Mousse Foam Inserts, Bazzaz, Armour Bodies, Spectro Performance Oils, Enduro Engineering, Cyrca, Warp 9, Galfer, K&L, Dymag, Rabaconda, Vortex ECUs, Hindle and Graves Exhaust, Bike Graphix, Ryno Power

Harley Davidson

Sales and Installs for: Ohlins, Renegade Wheels, Hawg Halters (brakes, forward controls,wide tire kits). Mustang seats, Rekluse, Spectro Performance Oils


Suspension Session

Sessions take on the average an hour and we will work with you to get the bike dialed in for your riding needs. 

Included in the session: adjusting sag, compression and rebound as well as going over bike set up and maintenance items to keep an eye on.


Suspension Service

An area often overlooked is your suspension.  When was the last time your forks and shock were serviced?

In order to get the most out of your motorcycle it is critical to have your suspension set up correctly and maintained.  We can take the guess work out of that for you.  We have been working with the best on and off-road suspension gurus in the industry since 1997. 

We are set up direct with Ohlins, K-Tech, and SKF and can go mild to wild.


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